About us


Westcast AB is based in Hässleholm located in southern Sweden. We have our office in the former military area P2, we sit in the old headquarters building overlooking the beech forest and a lake. Entrance to the area is guarded by two cannons from bygone era.

Most of Westcast AB suppliers are located in Eastern Europe, but we also for example have suppliers in France. We are in contact with suppliers who have different production sectors and are specialized in different materials and volumes, which gives us the possibility of finding the best suppliers in terms of customer requirements, both technical and logistical.

One of the most common delivery conditions are FCA Helsingborg, where we have our logistics center in collaboration with a freight forwarder, in order to get the most cost-effective logistic solution.

The minimum requirement Westcast AB put on a supplier’s certification is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Another requirement is that the supplier has at least one major customer from Western Europe, which increases the chances for a smooth communication and good cooperation.